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I want you to get this job Part 9: Free Tools

Free Verilog simulators:


http://www.tachyon-da.com/ offers an open source version of it’s simulator. This was a commercial simulator from the 90’s. They also offer a paid version with more support and features.


Compiled simulator. Has some limitations in support, requires SystemC top level even if minimal for simulation. Used by lots of companies as a primary simulator. Knowing this would be a good step into a company.

Ikarus Verilog:


Alera and Xilinx also offer free version of simulators with their tools.

Altera and Xilinx offer web versions of their tools for smaller devices including SOC parts. I would recommend getting a student board or cheap board like the microzed or zedboard.

Wave viewing:



I found this one from someone’s homework assignment:

I’m hoping to cover some of the free simulators in more detail as I start my SystemVerilog coding section of the blog.

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