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Professor Healey Explains Logic in Job Analysis

I want you to get this job Part 5: Logic Analysis

Hopefully you’be gotten most of the clock crossing questions. If you missed them all or if you weren’t able to at least work through them with some help, then it’s very doubtful I’ll be giving a thumbs up. As I have mentioned in replies to comments, they are so essential …

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FIFOs jobs

I want you to get this job part 4: FIFOs

The next question is more general. Just basically to get an idea if you know the parts of a FIFO and how they work together. I would recommend reading Cliff Cummings paper on the subject: http://www.sunburst-design.com/papers/CummingsSNUG2002SJ_FIFO1.pdf This is a short post, since Cliff covered this very thoroughly and there is …

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