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Sorting – Design definition

I had Been trying to come up with a good problem to illustrate design trade offs when I came across this: Design a module that can sort four numbers. I’ve only done a few sorts in BASIC ages ago and more recently in OpenCL. Off the top of my head, …

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SV Intro #1: Hello World

Introduction I have always loved digital design. When I was kid, I spent all my waking hours working on my Apple ][+. I knew what I wanted to do when I went to college and luckily I landed a job designing ASICs. I was also a bit cocky and wanted …

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SV Basics: Basic Types

Shortly I’m going to be starting up a project that I hope people will support with views, shares and contributions. Hopefully this will be a learning experience for all, including myself. To begin I would like to go over some SystemVerilog basics. When Verilog was introduced, there were only a …

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SWAP-C is a term typically used in military applications. For example developing the DARPA WNAN radio or the BBN hydra radio, we had to trade off Size, Weight, Power and Cost. I would also add performance to the mix. You typically optimize for one. There are other factors which become …

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FPGA Low latency Development

Note: This post is written at a bit higher level than I would desire. This is because I don’t want to reveal any proprietary information. I apologize in advance since you may need to do some googling on the side to get more specifics. Low latency means getting data to …

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